Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene - ASC Virtual 5-Day course

Virtual 0$1,850.00
Virtual 0$1,850.00
Virtual 0$1,850.00

  • Product Details

    • Training Goals

      Upon completion of the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene course, you will be able to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control physical, chemical, ergonomic, and biological hazards within your workplace.

      Who should attend?

      The course is designed for safety, health, environmental, and management personnel who have industrial hygiene responsibilities, but limited training or experience in industrial hygiene.

  • Objectives

    • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene is an essential course to take if you are concerned about the safety, health and general well-being of your co-workers and hazards that could affect them. This is a 5 day (6.5 hours per day) (2.6 CEUs) course that develops your understanding of industrial hygiene terminology, principles and practices by examining four key processes in an effective industrial hygiene effort -- anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control. Discussions on when to use a qualified/certified industrial hygienist are held throughout the course.

      Coursework focuses on industrial hygiene hazards and controls in general industry.

    • Topics include:

      • Anatomy & physiology
      • Toxicology
      • Recognition of chemical & physical hazards
      • Recognition of ergonomic & biological hazards
      • Hazard evaluation
      • Evaluation of chemical & biological hazards
      • Evaluation of physical & ergonomic hazards
      • Hazard control
      • Case study
      • Program planning
      • A variety of educational and interactive learning activities are led by experienced facilitators. Activities include small and large group discussions, problem analysis through case studies, equipment demonstrations and hands-on practice, development of on-the-job plans for your facility, and many opportunities to share experience and knowledge with other professionals.

        Pricing and course timespan may vary at some locations, as indicated. Contact the Administering Office directly for additional information in those instances.

        Course fee includes over $400 worth of reference materials, including Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene textbooks (5th edition), Participant Guide, Tools and Resources CD, NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, and TLVs and BEIs book.

        If you are attending a virtual offering of this course, you can expect all materials to be available electronically. Classroom sessions may come with either fully electronic materials or some combination of electronic and paper materials.

  • Delivery Type

    • Virtual ILT

    •  A computer and/or laptop is a requirement for VILT courses.

  • Duration

    • 5 Day Course* (6.5 hours per day)
      2.6 CEUs

    • *This 5-day course counts as 4-days towards The Advanced Safety Certificate Program