Become a New NSC CPR & AED Instructor

Pre-requisite for eLearning Instructor Development Course: $0.00

Thank you for your interest in becoming an NSC CPR & AED authorized instructor through eLearning. We have made this process as streamlined as possible for our students and are excited to be able to offer this convenient learning option. 

What to know: 

Prerequisite: In order to qualify to use this path to become an instructor, please provide proof that you've completed a participant course in the First Aid course, including the hands-on skills testing, for the course you desire to teach. If you do not have a current certification, please consider taking an in-person Instructor Development Course from an NSC authorized training center. Click HERE for more information.  

Course Duration: 2.5 – 3 Hours 

Pricing: Members: $335.00 Non-Members: $420.00 

How it works: 

Step 1 Submit your current Certification Card credentials to NSC. Select the course above by clicking “Add to Cart” then proceed as directed.

Step 2 After NSC approval, click purchase link in approval email to buy course 
Step 3 Access the Instructor Development Course eLearning and begin course 
Step 4 Complete the Instructor Development Course eLearning course 

Step 5 Purchase one of our new optional Instructor Bundle Kits that include supplies to help you get started 

Step 6 Begin Teaching!